DAM—Countryside’s “Lil Miss Daisy” Bullock

“Tucker” & “Daisy”

SIRE—Bullock’s “White Knight” Sir Tucker

Countryside’s “Lil Miss Daisy” Bullock &

Bullock’s “White Knight” Sir Tucker

May 21, 2014—2 Girls —Both are Pending!

These puppies are 1/2 English Cream!!

Bullock's Golden Retrievers

We have puppies!!

Litters & Upcoming Litters!!!  Wait lists are forming!!!

Text Box: “Green” Female
Text Box: “Pink” Female

Bullock’s “Lil Princess” Jasmine will be bred to:

Bullock’s “White Knight” Sir Tucker—

She’s due in heat end of July!

If on time and successful breeding, pups due mid Oct. 2014.

This will be a Full English Cream Litter!!


Bullock’s “Lil Princess” Jasmine

“Tucker” & “Jasmine”

This is our Indoor Kennel Whelping area in our home.

This is our Kennel area with a covered outdoor area and then a larger run, breeding area.  This is located within the over an acre fenced area for them to run and play.  They really enjoy running and playing in the snow too!  


Pet/Companion Puppies will be sold on Limited Registration  

 *Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by the dog are eligible for registration. Dogs with limited registration may not be entered in breed competition at Dog Shows but may compete in all other AKC events.

Puppies available with Full AKC Registration for an additional fee.

Email Puppy Application to be considered for one of our puppies from upcoming litters and be placed on waiting list, and we will notify you once pups are born!!!
AFTER puppies are born, We accept a non-refundable $300 deposit on 1/2 English litter or $500 deposit on Full English litter to hold your pick order of puppies, male or female—whichever you choose.


Bullock’s “White Knight” Sir Tucker

Text Box: 7 Week Old Pics